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My thoughts on pregnancy (today)

The weird thing is all the way through this my feelings have changed. I didn't really enjoy the first three months, at all. I wasn't hugely sick, but I didn't feel well most of the time, and I was tired a lot. But even now I'm feeling nostalgic about it and even broody, and I've not had the baby yet!! One of the guys in my office has just announced his wife is pregnant, 6 weeks. We've been exchanging stories and I've shared a few internet links. I've really enjoyed the middle three months, being able to do things and go out, not feeling too tired but still being able to feel the baby move inside me is amazing. I'm really going to miss being pregnant - although I'm sure I wont be saying that in a few months. I wasn't aware how much of a total body experience it is. There isn't one part unaffected, even your eyesight is supposed to get worse! I've certainly noticed a difference in my brain and concentration. But it's everything... hair, arms, legs... they're all affected in some way or other. It's like living a science experiment - what will change this week! I'm loving it though. Every minute, even when I'm tired and sick. It feels like so long to go, and yet it's terrifyingly close to being over... three more months.


Blogger nita said...


oh, the wonder. it is awesome and the most awesome thing about pregnancy and then the babe's arrival? every day you think 'this can't get any more awesome'

and it does. every day.

yay emma!

2/01/2006 05:52:00 pm


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