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Is it good when the midwife says "wow"

My midwifes appointment was yesterday - 28 week check up. I'm now 27w4d... which is amazing to me, so close and yet so far! Everything's fine, blood pressure on the low side but normal for me, all my blood results came back ok. No syphilis for me to worry about... although I wasn't until they mentioned it. She took some more blood to check my iron levels and antibodies again and then had me lay on the couch to measure my uterus and listen to the heartbeat. Apparently "wow, that's a big baby"... which didn't reassure me as much as I guess it should have done. She says I've not put on much fat and the bump is "all baby" it's head down, happy to be there (according to the heartbeat), and big. Which is nice.


Blogger Kris said...

My midwife used to joke after taking my blood pressure that she had to pinch me to see if I was alive. LOL. Sounds like a nice healthy baby! It's getting exciting, isn't it?!

2/23/2006 01:41:00 am


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