This is a place for me to record my thoughts on things as they happen. I aim to write a new entry every weekday. This probably wont happen though.


I knew it'd be fine

I think I'm going to be one of those worrying mums, last night the baby started kicking as strongly as ever - and all day today it's been trying to break out! I'm sure it's normal to worry, at least I hope it is. I can't wait to have the baby here though - I can't believe I've got to wait three more months, I'm not even in the third trimestre yet - I think that's next week. I'm a long way from holding a baby in my arms. I've got a list together of everything we should need for the baby, mum and I are planning to go shopping and get everything on the 10th February, I can't wait!


Should I be worried?

I'm at 26 weeks now which is fantastic. However I'm a little... worried. Over the last couple of days I've not felt the baby move anything like as much as I normally would. And what I do feel isn't as strong. That said I think today I've felt it at least once and hour, probably more but still really little kicks rather than like it's trying to get out - which I'm used to. Is this something to be worried about? Or is it most likely it's just shifted position and I can't feel it as strongly...


Green eggs and ham

I'm sure this is a great breakthrough for something. But all I can think is "I would not eat them on a train"! Taiwan breeds fluorescent green pig - Science -


Four things meme

From a link on Wonder Mom's site. Four Jobs You’ve Had in Your Life: 1. Strawberry Picker (hated it... spiders, don't talk to me about spiders!) 2. Box Packer (not too bad) 3. Internet Developer 4. Programmer (ok, the last two are the same, I've not had too many jobs. Two different companies though) Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over: 1. Withnail and I (I love it, wonderful British humour) 2. The Incredibles (We watch this all the time) 3. James Bond films (no idea why though) 4. um. I'm not sure... Four Places You’ve Lived: 1. My parents, which I go back to and stay at regularly. 2. Really nasty student house... with mould on the walls and everything! 3. Little one bedroom flat in the centre of town, my first owned home which I loved. 4. My lovely, three bed home with my DH, bunnies and bob the fish. Four Websites You Visit Daily: 1. Bloglines 2. BBC 3. Wapsi Square 4. mail2web to check personal emails... Four TV Shows You Love To Watch: 1. Friends 2. Judge Judy (though I'm ashamed to admit it!) 3. What the ** did for us (education show on UK tv about Romans, Stuarts etc.) 4. I'm not sure, we don't watch much tv. Four of Your Favorite Foods: 1. Pizza 2. Fruit Cake 3. Pasta with fresh veg 4. ice cream Four Albums You Can’t Live Without (at least for the moment): This changes all the time. But the ones in my car right now are 1. KT Tunstall 2. The Bravery 3. The Coral 4. Athlete Four Places You’d Rather Be: 1. At home, in bed 2. In the Lake District 3. Shopping, with lots of money to spend 4. pretty much anywhere but at work!


Week 24

I can't believe I'm nearly at 24 weeks, I've tried to work it out but it gets very complicated. I think I'm 24 weeks on Monday, which apparently is the age at which we become "viable" although survival rates seem to be somewhere between 1/5 and 85% depending on which book I read! I'm hoping to be able to keep it in a little longer though - another 16 weeks would be good! We had a very good Christmas with lots of eating and no drinking :o(. I didn't miss it too much really, and it was nice to be able to drive everywhere. I got lots of cool things including a new computer, which I still need to set up with all my work stuff, and a lovely necklace as well as CD's and DVD's!! C spent far too much money on me, he says it's because it's the first year for a while he's been able to. I felt really guilty though and ended up buying him an iPod Nano on New Years Eve. I should really have got him one for Christmas as he's wanted one for ages. We had a fairly relaxing holiday, although we did find time to paint the nursery and put laminate flooring down. Which was very exciting! We chose a bright yellow colour which looks almost gold. I said we could put all the boxes back in once it was done but it looks so nice now I don't want to. I've not chosen a border, curtains or a lampshade for it yet. Plenty of time to shop around though. Everyone at work has commented on how big my bumps got over Christmas, I'm not sure if it's baby or mince pies though! Probably a combination of the two.