This is a place for me to record my thoughts on things as they happen. I aim to write a new entry every weekday. This probably wont happen though.


Merry Christmas

It's finally my last day at work before Christmas - only two more sleeps! I think everything is prepared... we wrapped presents on Wednesday night while watching The Muppets Christmas Carol, which I love and C tolerates. I'd love to make that part of our Christmas routine, but I think we'll have to be a little more organised next year with the little one about. At the moment all I can do is try and compare what this year will be like to next year... We won't be able to do that, but this will be much more fun. I'm very excited by it all. If all goes well the baby will be nearly 8 months old, so aware of things and crawling? It'll make everything much more fun. I can't wait to have three stockings by the fire. I'm getting on better with the pregnancy, in fact I think I'm enjoying it. I'm still waking up every hour during the night with the itchy feet, but I'm not feeling as tired - must be getting used to it. I'm quite sad that I wont be able to enjoy drinking at Christmas, but I'm not a huge drinker anyway. The cheese is the worst thing, how can you have Christmas without Stilton!! I'm getting bigger by the day, had to let another button out on my maternity pants yesterday, I'll have to take another pic soon so we've got a record of me growing! Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. See you all in 2006!


Follow up on Vitamin K

I've decided to go for the vitamin K option. I was completely against it at first, mainly because of the perhaps misguided opinion that if the baby needed it it'd be in my breast milk. After reading this article on Vitamin K What, Why and When I've changed my mind. The place I'm going to offers three (or poss. 4) doses of vitamin K orally over the first few weeks. Which looks like being a lot safer than the intra-muscular one offered by other places. I can't see a reason against doing it, although I will probably talk it over with my midwife to follow up my decision. Now that's sorted I can go back to thinking of baby names!!


Which Tarot Card

I don't normally post these, but I loved the answer so much I had to. How perfect is this! The Universe Card
You are the Universe card, sometimes called the
World card. The Universe is the complete,
perfect whole. The spiritual path has come to
an end and enlightenment is reached. Events
have reached completion. The different facets
of your life are well-integrated and
harmoniously balanced. This is an ideal state
in which to rest and feel the true state of
your vibrant physical being. Your creative
potential is maximized and you have achieved
goals that you have set for yourself in the
past. After enjoying the pleasure of this
state, a new cycle can begin with new
challenges and triumphs that will keep you
feeling alive and keep building on the
foundations you have planted thus far. Image
from The Stone Tarot deck.

Which Tarot Card Are You?
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20 weeks and a scan

All went well at the scan, the baby had it's head very low down and she had a little trouble getting pictures, we didn't find out as we've agreed that we want that moment when the baby is born. I think we'll choose to find out ourselves rather than being told. We got a lovely profile picture of the baby's face with nose and pouty mouth. The nurse took loads of pics of all the organs, legs, feet, arms, etc. Everything looks ok apparently and it was very strange seeing the little heart beating properly. She spent a long time doing the heart as he was lying wrong for the pic and wouldn't move - very awkward apparently. They sent me for a wee to see if that shifted him and got an ok pic after that. His (I seem to be calling it him as it sounds better than it!) head is measuring at exactly right for 20 weeks and his legs are right at the top of the grey - so he's long apparently! We heard the heartbeat for the first time which was amazing, I'm pleased I asked. I didn't realise till afterwards how nervous I was, I really don't know what I would have done if anything had been wrong. The baby's been wriggling all weekend, I'm not sure if I'm more aware of the movement now or if being poked about annoyed him! It's wonderful, I'm really enjoying being pregnant at the moment - despite the itching, which wakes me up at night. I've been advised to see my doctor about that one. I'm not sure if I'm going to scan in the pic of the baby, it doesn't seem right yet. Maybe I'm just superstitious.


Boy or Girl

I really want to know if it's a boy or a girl, so while I don't know... I'm going to try out all the old wives tales I can find! See which work ;o) Mum and me tried the wedding ring on string test today and that said it was a boy - three times out of three. Although we started higher up my belly and it said girl... so it may be twins! The ancient Chinese conception chart says it's a boy, and looking at the dates that predicted I would be a girl. I've been told I'm carrying quite high so that would indicate a girl. I've read that mixing my urine with Drano will tell me, but I'm not sure what Drano is... and I'm not trying that anyway! I've not had a reading of the heartbeat so I can't do that one either. I'm craving more salty things (lots of chips with salt and vinegar and crisps too), so that should indicate a boy. I've done the test at which gives me a 59% chance of having a girl. I'm not sure what I think it's going to be, that differs. I do know that whatever it is I'm going to be very, very happy.

19 Weeks

I'm now 19 weeks and 3 days. My scan is booked for 12.30 on Thursday and I'm HUGELY excited about it. I've been looking at pics taken from other 20 week scans and I just can't wait. We've not completely decided whether to find out the sex. I think I want to know, C doesn't want to know at all. I think as a compromise (of sorts) we'll find out but not tell anyone, that way it's a secret between the two of us. I'm feeling 100% better, I've not been ill at all for ages (touch wood) and have lots of energy. This is the time we should be working on the nursery, but unfortunately until some other work has been done in the house it's still full of boxes. There's not too much to do in there, the radiator needs changing, the door re-hanging to open another way, the floor needs laying (I'm going for laminate for ease of cleaning), the walls need painting, we need to decide on a colour, curtains, rugs, furniture etc... shelves and pictures need putting up - pictures need buying... actually there's a lot to do. But I'm sure we'll be fine. We also haven't bought anything, at all. I'm not sure when I'll feel comfortable shopping for the baby, possibly after Christmas, I know we've got a long time to do all this stuff (again, touch wood!). We went away at the weekend, the two of us and the dog to the lake district, which is our favourite place in England. It was nice to be away, and be able to relax. The hotel was on a fill though which I found difficult when tired, I think I need to start swimming soon as I'm pretty unfit - and I'm sure I'll need to be as fit as possible to get through the birth.