This is a place for me to record my thoughts on things as they happen. I aim to write a new entry every weekday. This probably wont happen though.


First Midwifes Appointment - and a bump.

The appointment went well. I'd lost the paper with the time on it and thought it was 9.45, I got there at 9.30 and a few minutes later a very flustered looking midwife came out and apologised for being so late, apparently I was supposed to be in at 9.15 - so it worked out quite well for both of us! My midwife unit is a place called Sure Start, it's a government run thing designed to make sure that children from poorer backgrounds get a good start in life. I'm quite lucky as until a few years ago my street wasn't considered eligible for this and I'd have had to go miles to the midwifes - now I'm allowed to go there. C was v.mean and kept asking if the place would be full of pregnant 13 year olds, I didn't see any. The appointment was very long, about an hour and three quarters. I had my blood pressure taken and three lots of blood drawn, I also had to give a urine sample. There were a LOT of forms to fill in. And we filled in some spaces on my record. A few weeks ago I was sent a huge document asking loads of questions and with room to fill things in through the pregnancy - it's quite exciting. I'd filled in as much as I could, previous pregnancies, medical conditions, family history and stuff. She went through everything and filled more bits in, made notes and took a copy. Then I had forms on smoking, what information I wanted, my details, whether I'd been beaten by C, depression, all sorts of things. They also told me about groups - parenting class and mums club. They don't run relaxation classes but there is one in a nearby town I can visit - which I will! I had to make the choice of where I wanted to give birth, this isn't set in stone at the moment but I went for the midwife led unit, it sounds nicer - birthing pools, experience and aromatherapy. But no doctors or anesthesiologists - so no epidural... Big decision. I'm not sure I can cope with pain all that well - sure I'll be begging for an epidural before too long into it. We get to go for a look round after the next scan, which is booked for 8th Dec. I'll give it some thought before then and try to be brave. In other news my morning sickness has really come into it's own. I've been awful with it for the last week. Driving up to Inverness was a nightmare, and driving back even worse. We didn't make it back last night as we'd planned due to a combination of really bad weather and me having to keep stopping, so we stopped another night away on the way back and continued the journey again today. I will not be planning a long road trip anytime in the near future - after the one this weekend of course... I seem to have come back from Scotland with a bump, it's only little at the moment but enough to drive me into maternity clothes a lot earlier than I thought I'd need them. Luckily there was a H&M in Inverness with a good range of maternity goods. I got two pairs of trousers and three tops for £75, which I didn't think was too bad. I now need to start looking for pants, bras - and more clothes! I will get up courage to post a pic of me and the bump soon.


12 weeks and counting

I can't believe I'm already three months gone. It's just flown by, ok so I've only known for two months but still! The morning sickness is still here, not as bad as it could be but I'm hoping for that glow and feeling good stuff they're always talking about to kick in soon. I'm also getting headaches, every afternoon since last Thursday - I wouldn't call them migranes but they're getting there. I'm not whinging though, honest, I'm loving every minute of it - and wouldn't change it for the world. I've got a midwifes appointment tomorrow which I'm pretty excited about - it's my first. I don't know if I'll see the same one all the way through but it should be cool anyway. Then I'm away with work till next Tuesday so no updates or blog reading till then. I've had no chance to check my faves for ages, I need an afternoon to sit down and read. Guess that'll have to wait though. I've told my bosses at work I'm expecting and have been given a form to fill in, when I want to start maternity leave, when I'll be due back etc. I'm hoping to start on 3rd April (I'm due May 1st) and may return to work mid September ish. Pay is worked out at 90% for the first 6 weeks then £100 ($174.78) per week for the next 20 weeks. After that I'm entitled to another 26 weeks unpaid leave - which we can't afford right now. If we save up I might be able to afford to stay off work till Christmas though - that'll make the baby 8 months when I go back rather than 5, better for both of us probably.


Got nothing much to say

But check this link out - it's very funny :o) BBC NEWS | Health | Men bad for women's waistlines


A Meme

I've seen this on a few peoples blogs, and though I've not actually been tagged with it it sounded interesting so I thought I'd give it a go. Basically you put your name and then "needs" into Google - it's better if you put quotes round the whole thing. So my fave results for "emma needs" are: Emma needs help with Dumbbells (from a boxing site) Emma needs a home (a newspaper re-homing a golden retriever) Emma needs 69 candles (a sample question) Emma neeeds earplugs (a message board) Emma needs a nap (parenting forum - but very true!) and the last one - Emma needs her first Halloween outfit (a blog I'm guessing) I loved that, it was so funny, I'm off now to try it with C, and the bunnies, and anyone else I can think of!


I'm back

I was off work Weds, Thurs, Fri last week. So I've had no time to blog or check anyone else's blogs. It's amazing how much I've missed it! I came down with an awful cold, made worse by the fact I couldn't really take anything for it. I'm still coughing and have a runny nose but I'm much better. There's so many people in the office it's untrue. There seems to be constant coughing going on! All is well our end, over 11 weeks now. I'm hoping to get a countdown thingy for the site when I'm over 12 weeks.... which is so close now! We're making plans to tell people, family booked in for 29th October - they live a long way away so we're going down to spend a weekend with them. I'm uncomfortable making an announcement though, not sure how I'm going to handle work, which is next week really, can't put that one off much longer. It's very exciting though.


New look

I thought it was about time to have a new, cheary look. So I got a design from and made some changes. I like it because it's colourful... I've not seen how photo's display with it yet though - I might try and find time to sort one out tonight.


Funny old week

Sorry I've not posted for a little while. I've had a bit of a stressful time. C went to Inverness on Thursday - which is an 8 hour drive from where we live. He drove down on Thursday and planned to do the work and drive back on Friday. Thursday evening I went to the toilet and discovered I was bleeding. Not a lot but enough to get me worried - I figured no blood is good when you're pregnant. I rang NHS Direct, our 24 hour NHS advice line, 20 mins on hold and gave the lady all the details - 9 1/2 weeks pregnant, bleeding a little. They have a system where they can't give advice but pass the details on to a nurse who rings you back - within 3 hours (I rang at 8). While waiting for the nurse to ring I made the decision not to tell C, he'd worry and there was nothing he could do anyway. The nurse rang back at about 9.30, and said it's probably all right but I'll get the on-call doctor in your area to give you a call back. He rang at 10, while I was on the mobile to C. He scared the pants off me by describing what would happen if I was having a miscarriage, then said nothing to worry about, don't need to see you now, go to your docs at 8.30 tomorrow morning and they'll fit you in. I didn't sleep too much on Thursday night. On Friday morning I texted my boss at work (the one who knows) and told them I'd be late in. The receptionist at the docs managed to get me in at 9.15 - before the doc saw her first patient. She was nice and told me she'd try to get me an ultrasound at EPAU Friday or Sat - I said Sat as C was so far away. They didn't have any free on Friday but managed to get me an appointment on Saturday morning at 8.30. I went to work and tried to get on. I'd stopped bleeding by Friday morning, and to be honest I wasn't that worried - I knew there was a chance it'd all gone wrong but also there was a good chance there was nothing to worry about. Chris got home very late on Friday night (Sat morning), and wasn't too impressed when I told him we had to be up in 6 1/3 hours! I woke up at 7.30 and had a glass of orange juice (as per Kristen's advice) and a glass of water. We set off, eventually found a parking space and then sat in the waiting room for about half an hour - till 9. I got told off for having a sip of C's hot chocolate - apparently I should have been told not to drink after 7 in case it was an entopic! They took three vials of blood (one for my blood type which I know anyway!) and sent me back to the waiting room for another 10 mins. The next stop was the midwife - or something. Who had a quick chat, asked if I was ok with internal if needed (yes, of course, if it's needed it's needed!) and sent me back for another ten minute wait. Finally we got into the ultra sound room at about 9.30 - I really needed a pee by then, maybe that's why they make you wait. So the scan, all ok (I'm grinning as I write this), very little person in there 3.5 cm, same size as a lego person (as my boss worked out this morning). There's one in there, and it's in the right place. It was asleep, lying on it's back facing us. We saw it's two little arms, and two little legs, and it's little heart going ten to the dozen. We were both amazed at the clarity of the picture, the photo's they give you don't do it justice, ours is rubbish - can't even make out it's head but it was so clear on the screen. They couldn't see a reason for the bleeding and say that's probably a good thing. They dated me at 10 weeks 1 day - give or take a day, with an estimated due date of 1st May. So I'm 1 day further along than I thought. I can't believe I'm going to have to wait so long to see it again, it was just an amazing experience. I could have spent hours in there looking at the screen and it's little heart.