This is a place for me to record my thoughts on things as they happen. I aim to write a new entry every weekday. This probably wont happen though.


I'm back, my Pisan adventure

We had a wonderful holiday, and I was feeling totally relaxed up until about 7.00 this morning when my alarm went off and I had to get up for work. It's not been too bad so far actually - a lot better than I was expecting. Pisa is beautiful, and I'd definitely recommend going there. The field of miracles really is amazing with three beatiful buildings. We climbed the leaning tower - which cost £10 ($18?) it seemed a bit expensive but I guess they spent a lot straightening it out. The view from the top is amazing. But climbing the stairs was very odd with the lean. I wouldn't want to go up there is I was afraid of heights. I love all the florentine stlye houses as well - and the colours are amazing. I will try to post some photos - but they're all on my camera at the moment. It'll take me a while to sort them out as I took over 300. We took the train to Lucca on Saturday which is another beatiful town. It's completely surrounded by huge walls - big enough to drive a car round, although they don't. We walked round the whole town and even managed to climb up the clock tower - over 200 steps. The clock is very strange as it only strikes to 6. So it strikes 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 o'clock in the morning and then for 7 it starts at 1 again. Midday strikes 6. All very odd. I think if we were planning it again we'd probably stay in Florence and spend a day in Lucca and a day in Pisa - Pisa isn't really big enough for a four day holiday.


Greetings from Italy!

The hotel is wonderful - free internet access, what more can you ask for! The rooms are good and the breakfasts are amazing - so much food. The only slight downside is that it's a long way away from the centre. So we've done a LOT of walking. I'm doing well. Lots of food I can eat, and I'm drinking lots and lots of water. We climbed the leaning tower of Pisa yesterday which was wonderful - lots of steps though - about 300 apparently. My belly was really hurting by the time we got home. I must have walked miles and miles. I had a bit of a funny turn today, we were walking along and I suddenly felt really nausious (which I can't spell!). I was ok that time but a little later I felt the same again and was actually sick in the street! Something I've never even done when drunk! I felt really bad but I had some water to sip - and swill it away. Other than that I've been fine. All going well. Having a wonderful holiday and not at all looking forward to coming home.


Long break

I'm not going to be able to post for about a week. I've going away with work for a few days and then C, Mum, Dad and me are going to Pisa for a long weekend. I'm very much looking forward to it! Everything's fine with me, and I'm planning to take good care of myself while I'm away - no Italian wine for me.


First Appointments

I'm so excited today, I got my pack through from the doctors yesterday. It's got a LOT of information about infections and diseases - not fun reading! AIDS, HIV, Chlamydia, Rubella, all apparently not good things. I think they're getting me ready for the vast quantities of blood they'll want to take to make sure I haven't got any of this stuff. Anyway. I've got a 16 page booklet to fill in during my pregnancy - write down my appointments, double check I've thought of everything I want to ask and stuff like that. It's very interesting. I've got to fill the first few pages in before I go - information about me and Chris. My first scan is on 5th October - when I'll be 10 1/2 weeks, guess I wont see too much on that but hearing a heart beat will be a huge relief. My first midwifes appointment is on 19th, I think that's when they ask lots of questions, answer lots of questions and take blood for all the tests. I'm very excited about it. I was beginning to worry that I'd not heard anything from them since I saw them weeks ago. Now it's just a few weeks wait till I get to see/hear my baby for the first time!



I don't normally comment on American politics because, well, I'm not American. But this article just makes me so scared and angry. This is obviously an article written by a very, very vehement pro-lifer. That this has been presented in the way of a news story scares me immensely. I have signed up for Google Alerts on Pregnancy - something which obviously interests me a lot at the moment! This was in this morning's update. Throwing babies out with the floodwater The article gloats that "abortion mills" in Louisiana have been destroyed, then just spews on the most amazing language, calling the workers "displaced vermin" saying the deserted clinics wont have been looted as "even murderers and thieves were creeped out at the thought of little bags and buckets of dismembered babies floating around" I just can't understand that this has been written on what looks like a news site. I admit I've not come across it before so it's possibly a site used to publishing this venom. The one funny thing I found in the article talked about the Christian group who must "try to care for mothers who are now twice as vulnerable to abortion as before Katrina". This leaves me with a picture of people stalking the shelters performing unwanted abortions on pregnant women. But I guess that's the image she wanted to leave me with. I'm completely overwhelmed with my feeling about the disaster in Louisiana. Which is why I haven't posted about it. My grief and feeling of complete helplessness in the face of this must only be a fraction of that suffered by people actually there. I can't form thoughts coherent enough to post on the subject.


Still here, and it's making a difference

I've noticed lots of changes now. My nose is a LOT more sensitive. The kitchen is spotless (for the first time ever) any left over food makes me feel ill. The smell of coffee is awful. But by far the worst is smokers. They stink, all the time. I was very ill yesterday, I had to stay off work and close to the toilet. I think it might have been either a tummy bug. Either that or I over did things on Sunday. We got lots done in the house and I was cutting up spindles for the stairs. Also cleaned the bunnies out, cleaned the kitchen and rang for an hour. Was very tired by night time! Other than yesterday everything's fine though. Still feel queasy a lot. Not eating as much as I usually do and have gone off a lot of the foods I normally like. I'm hoping it's all temporary! C has stocked the kitchen for me with lots of healthy food, veg, smoothies, fresh pasta etc. But mostly I want to eat crisps... that might be normal for me though! I like the fact there's a difference, it let's me know it's all still happening. It seems like such a long time till I see the doctor again. I'm tempted to see my midwife, if my GP has one, at 8 weeks anyway. Most of my books say I should be.


Thanks goodness it's Friday

I'm very ready for the weekend. I've got lots of work to do at work but not feeling motivated to do it. Haivng said that I had a breakthrough this morning and got something working I've been struggling with for ages. Yay me. We've not got much planned for the weekend. Hoping to get the house tidied, the fridge needs washing out and we may even get round to painting the ceiling in the hall. All terribly exciting stuff! We're also going to a friends 40th Birthday party, which I'm not particularly looking forward to as me and him have a troubled passed. He's got problems with depression and goes through infatuations with people. A few years ago he had a crush on me, I was totally not interested in that sort of relationship with him, while enjoying having him as a friend. He was on Prozac (which he said was because of me) and then he says he took an overdose of paracetamol. I'm still not entirely sure he did as he claimed to take 160 and then just be fine. He didn't go to the doctor at all. It was probably attention getting behaviour. Anyway, since we've moved I've not spoken to him, although we have emailed a few times. He doesn't know where we live - which I'm very happy about. The only reason I'm going to the party is that one of my very good friends is organising it and all my other good friends are going. Plus I guess he deserves to have as many friends as possible at his 40th. I just hope we can put the past behind us!


Still not feeling much

I don't seem to be having any major changes. I'm usually fine in the morning although by midday I feel a little sick. I've not been sick from it yet - although I had a dream last night that I was, very strange. I'm tired ALL the time, but if you asked C he'd say that was normal. I think my boobs are a little bigger, they're certainly tender. What else... oh I've not had any 'cravings' as such but I really, really want cottage cheese and beetroot. Both things I normally enjoy eating so not totally strange. I was also up at midnight the other night eating mint choc-chip ice cream in bed. C thought it was very funny but fetched it for me without complaining (too much). I don't think that's a sign of anything though - I'd probably do that most nights if I could get away with it!

Stop Global Warming: Virtual March on Washington

I don't normally link to thinks like this. But this requires so little effort that's it's definitely worth a go. Go sign up for the march - you don't even need to leave your email address.


Rushed off my feet

I still don't have time to write anything substantial. Work's so busy at the moment - lots to catch up on after the holiday. We had a very good relaxing time. Although keeping our secret was pretty tricky - lots of excuses for not having a beer! At one point I nearly fainted, and had to rush outside and have a sit down... that raised a few eyebrows! Although as we've been married over a year people are always talking about children round us and asking if I'm pregnant yet. I'm not feeling many effects. I know I should start feeling morning sickness this week (reading my books) but if anything it's got better. Which is a bit of a worry. We're planning when to tell friends and family at the moment. It's all very exciting still!


I'm back

After a lovely holiday. Will write more later when I've got all my emails checked (could take a while!!). Had a great time and I'm feeling wonderful!