This is a place for me to record my thoughts on things as they happen. I aim to write a new entry every weekday. This probably wont happen though.


First Doctors Appointment

I've just been to the doctors, it was a pretty quick visit. She took my blood pressure, weighed and measured me and asked where I wanted to be referred to. Where I live there are two choices. I can go to a small (ish) midwife run place, or to our local hospital where there are also doctors on hand. I've opted for the midwife's at the moment. Two of our friends have given birth there and it's supposed to be nice. I will have an appointment and scan at about 12 weeks - so that's in seven weeks time. Other than that I don't need to see anyone! I might go to look round the two choices before I settle on one, I only get the choice of the midwifes if it's a low risk delivery - because if anything goes wrong they'll have to put me in an ambulance to go to see the doctor! I mentioned the slight bleeding and she said there's nothing she can do at the moment, if it happens again or I still feel anxious I could get a scan at six weeks. I was also worried as I'm having slight cramping, which feels a bit like period pains, although after consulting Dr Google on this one it looks perfectly normal - just my uterus expanding. So nothing to worry about for a while! I'm feeling a bit queasy a lot at the moment. Most people say that making sure you've got a full belly stops morning sickness but I seem to be more ill after eating. I'm ok before I eat anything. This might change with time though, I'm still very, very early into the whole journey! - 4wk5d today.


Is now the time for home improvements?

We've been planning to build an extension since before we bought the house. We've had no luck at all with builders - one quote was way to high and the other few builders didn't even give us a quote. Someone looked round the house this morning and gave a quote which is pretty much what we thought we'd have to spend. The trouble is it'll wipe out ALL our savings and we'll have to get a loan. Somehow it just doesn't seem sensible to do this now. But if we don't I know it'll never get done. This would give us the perfect kitchen and living space, or we could have a smaller improvement done and have an ok kitchen and small living space - and always be thinking we should have gone for it! Other problems are we're doing this with our neighbour so need her to say yes too - otherwise it'll be more expensive. We also need to get the drawings done ourselves, and the builder can't start work for two months (about when the drawings would be ready anyway). How long do these things take? I don't think I want to be living in a building site when/if.


Due Date

I forgot to put, at the moment I'm 4wk2d and my due date is around 30th April - using the tools online anyway!


I don't think I've sorted out my feelings yet. I was surprised when I saw the result of the test (I took the other one this morning with the same result!). But I've suspected for a while, strange feeling in my belly and a nauseous feeling throughout the day. C's still in shock. I think we both probably are. We didn't talk about it too much last night, we've ordered some books from Amazon. 20, 001 Baby Names, The Blokes Guide to Pregnancy and Your Pregnancy Bible: The Experts' Guide to the Nine Months of Pregnancy and the First Weeks of Parenthood, they should keep us going for a while. I've made an appointment with my doctor, the first time I've seen this one. There are several doctors at the practice so I've made an appointment with the lady one - might as well for my first check up. That's on Friday. We're telling my parents tomorrow night, turning up unannounced with a bottle of champagne. I've no idea how they're going to take it but I think Mum suspects. I'm sure they'll be great. Other than that we're not telling anyone until the third month. I'm well aware of the dangers of pregnancy so we're going to be cautious. I'm very, very excited though! To be honest I feel guilty about the whole thing. I've spent several years reading infertility blogs, and now here I am falling pregnant in my first month of trying. But then I'm not counting my chickens before they've hatched - I'm a long, long way off a baby!


Oh My!!!

I just took this... there was another one in the pack that I'll take in the morning to confirm... but that's pretty definite!

No news...

Is not necessarily bad news. I was due on Sunday... and I thought I'd started on Saturday - a little brown after some hard work (wallpaper stripping!). But now.. nothing. So tonight, if I haven't started before then, I'm going to buy a test. So tomorrow morning, I'll know one way or the other. I'm pretty convinced I'm not, although every unusual feeling has me convinced I am. I'll keep you posted!


Feeling much better

I'm back at work today, catching up with all my emails has taken till 10:00! I'm feeling better although I'm not 100%. I hate being ill. I guess I'm lucky though as it's been a while since I was last poorly. At the moment I just feel sick, which me being me I'm reading far to much into. It could be a sign of something else... couldn't it? I spent a little time on the computer with C yesterday, our desk is so big he can work on the laptop while I use the big pc. I've researched maternity clothes and pay. I think when the time comes I'll follow Kristin's advice and go to eBay. There's lots of bundles of clothes for quite reasonable prices. These are things I'm not going to be wearing for long so I don't want to spend a fortune. Maternity pay in this country is quite good. I'm entitled to 26 weeks off work so about 6 months. The first 6 weeks are at 90% pay, and the remainder at £100 a week. It's less than I get at the moment, but it'll pay the mortgage and some of the bills at least. I'm hoping that once the maternity leave is over they'll allow me to work part-time. With C being self employed we just can't afford for me to give up work entirely. If I work 3 days a week I'll be able to cover the bills - meaning C's money will be for food and everything else. It'll be tight... but we should manage. In bunny news... we've picked up Blackberry - I don't have any pictures yet but he's a very good looking brown rabbit. We put them in the run with a separator between them and they seemed very interested in each other. Lots of nose sniffing etc. We decided to try them together... and it didn't really work. They fought, a lot. I'm not sure who started it but there was a lot of both their fur over the lawn. We've let them in separate runs since then and they seem ok... I'm not sure when we should try them together again though!


Summer Cold

I'm suffering from a summer cold at the moment. Not fun at all. I had to come into work today as I'm in charge of back-ups. The other three people are all on holiday. I had a good weekend though as it only developed last night. We're getting somewhere with the hall. All the paint's been stripped off the banisters, all the spindles have been removed and we're starting work on stripping it - to get rid of the old varnish. It's looking lovely. Next weekend Mum and Dad are coming to help us get a lot done. Hopefully. We're also getting a new Rabbit. Holly's been a bit lonely since Hazel died - she craves attention when I go in in the morning, sometimes I feel very guilty for leaving her. So we went to the RSPCA yesterday and found a lovely neutered male, he's called Bandit at the moment but we're going to rename him Blackberry. We need to introduce them slowly - so it's separate hutches for a while and a hope that it's love at first sight.


Car saga

It looks like my post from Wednesday somehow didn't make it. So a quick re-cap on what happened with the car. I got a new car about three weeks ago, it's a diesel where my old one was petrol. On the way in to work on weds I filled it up... with petrol. We didn't get very far. I had to wait an hour and a half for the AA (Automobile Association) to pick me up and tow me to the place I got the car from. They charged £99 for the privilege as it was a self inflicted incident. The garage said they'd look at it as soon as possible but it was probably going to cost around £200. I had to get a lift home and leave the car with them as it wasn't going to be ready before yesterday. Luckily the training course I was booked to go too was cancelled - there was no way I would have made it otherwise!! I'm just so angry with myself for making a mistake like that. It cost £220 to get it fixed, which we can't really afford at the moment. There's so much other stuff I would have rather spent the money on! Hopefully I've learnt my lesson. I'm certainly not going to fill the car up in the morning again!


Cheats way to blog

I got sent this in an email and thought I might as well post it here. Nothing to report - my car's ready to pick up tonight so fingers crossed all is ok with that. I'm very much looking forward to forgetting the whole thing! 50 Questions 1. First name? Emma 2. Were you named after anyone? I don't think so. Mum said she knew what I was going to be called when she was 7. She didn't want a son. 4. When did you last cry? A couple of weeks ago 5. Do you like your handwriting? No 6. What is your favourite lunch meat? Veggie no not applicable. I like cheese though :o) 7. What is your birth date? 11th July 1979 8. What is your most embarrassing CD? All the embarrassing CD's in our collection are mine, I think the worst is probably the Hamster Dance - it was in the Sale!! 9. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you? I think so, although as I'm so quiet we probably wouldn't talk much. 10. Do you have a journal? I've got two blogs, but no written journal. I might start one if we get pregnant. 11. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Sometimes, but C really hates it so I've stopped doing it so much. 12. What are your nicknames? Most people call me Emma, a few call me Em and I've started signing Em to emails. C calls me 'ma' if he wants my attention. 13. Would you bungee jump? Probably, but I'd go on about it for ages first. 14. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No. 15. Do you think that you are strong? I'm not that physically strong. But I think I'm pretty emotionally strong. 16. What is your favourite ice cream flavour? Mint Choc Chip 17. Shoe Size? 6 18. Red or pink? Red 19. What is your least favourite thing about yourself? My lack of self confidence 20. Who do you miss most? My best friend from primary school, who lives miles away. 21. What colour trousers and shoes are you wearing? brown stripy trousers and multi-coloured ballet style shoes. 22. What are you listening to right now? People talking in the office. 23. What was the last thing you ate? Cheese and biscuits for lunch 24. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? Odd question... probably blue. 25. What is the weather like right now? Looks like its about to rain, it's warm but cold in the office. 26. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My mum. 27. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? I'm not sure. I don't really see men in that way from first meeting them. 28. Favourite Drink? Water - how boring 29. Favourite Sport? To watch or play, either way I've no idea. Not much of a sporty person. I like swimming though. 30. Hair Colour? Brown 31. Eye Colour? Green/Brown, depending on the light 32. Do you wear contacts? Sometimes, Glasses all the time. 33. Favourite Food? Pizza or Curry if going out. Pasta or couscous if eating in. 34. Last Movie You Watched? The first Harry Potter last night. 35. Favourite Day Of The Year? Christmas 36. Scary Movies Or Happy Endings? Both 37. Summer Or Winter? Summer 38. Hugs OR Kisses ? Depends who's offering 39. What Is Your Favourite Dessert? Chocolate fudge cake. 40. Living Arrangements? Own house with my husband C and our rabbit Holly. 41. What's On Your Mouse mat? Plain black with a gel wrist support. 42. What Did You Watch Last Night? Harry Potter. 43. Favourite Smells? Baking bread, cut grass, wood fires. 44. Favourite Sounds? Difficult one, I like the sound of the ocean and birds singing, water over rocks. Anything really. 45. Rolling Stones or Beatles? To be honest I'm a bit young for either... but probably Stones. 46. What's the farthest you've been from home? Singapore 47. Do you have a special talent? If I do I've not found it yet. 48. Do you wish on stars? Yes, if I remember I always wish on the first star I see at night. 49. In presents - size or quantity? oooh that's difficult... nice things come in small packages (like jewellery) 50. Pen or pencil? Usually pencil.


Windermere at Sunset

One of the pictures from the weekend. It's a bit dark but I like this photo a lot. The boat was just going out for a sunset sail. I'd have loved to go with them.


Perfectly Relaxed

We had the most wonderful weekend away. Working from home on Thursday was a fantastic idea. I got much more done than I would normally - due to the lack of interruptions. It also meant we could set off early - we aimed to be on the road at 4.30 - although it was nearer to 5 by the time we were ready. C searched the internet and found us a good hotel for Thursday nights, and we got booked into one we'd always liked the look of for Friday in Ambleside. It was a bit trickier for Keswick on Saturday but we were pretty sure we'd find somewhere. - there are hundreds of B & B's there. The drive up was long but nice, and the hotel when we got there fantastic - we had some wonderful food in the bar and a walk around the town before heading to bed. On Friday we got up fairly early and drove around villages that we'd not visited before and went to the sea side - always a favourite with me. The room on Friday night had a whirlpool bath - which was bliss and C and I made full use of it before going out for the evening. We went ringing at Windermere and had a wonderful Tapas meal there. Watching the sun set over the lake with an ice-cream was perfect! Saturday was C's birthday so he opened all his presents before breakfast - very exciting. Afterwards we went for a long walk around the shops in Ambleside before driving to Keswick on a hotel hunt. We drove around a sea of "No Vacancies" signs before finding a hotel with a view of Skiddaw with one room left. It was a twin room but the beds were pushable so we did ok. We spent all Saturday afternoon wandering round Keswick spending C's birthday money - mapping software and a jumper. On Sunday we went ringing at nearby Crossthwaite church after breakfast as normal - they know us there now! After that we found a nice easy climb - 1500 ft but the car-park was half way up which made it about 500 ft - under an hours walk to the top and back. We got lots of photos of the weekend which I will try to sort and post during the week. I've come back to work very relaxed and happy. Although I'm convinced I'm not pregnant... is it too soon to tell? and when can I take a test? It's two weeks till my period and I cant wait that long!


Feeling awful

It's strange how my mind works... I feel ill today, nauseous and dizzy. I know I can't be pregnant - we've made love twice without protection last Saturday (which I'm sure is to near to start feeling ill) and once the day before my period started (which can't possibly have got me pregnant - can it?!). I think it's probably more to do with my vitamins. I've been taking it as instructed with my main meal. Although when we eat out I tend to forget to take it. Since we're properly trying now I decided to start taking it in the morning with my breakfast. Today's the first day I've tried it and the first day I feel ill. It can't be a coincidence. Or there's also the Feta possibility... I've had some in the fridge for a little while (possible a week) and tried a small bit last night, it was definitely past it's best. It's funny the way my mind jumped straight to the thought I MUST be pregnant. As though I'd never felt poorly before! Even stranger I told two people at work I was feeling a bit off and they thought I must be pregnant - even though they have no idea that we're trying :o)



This is the first month that we'll be trying, the plan is to not put any pressure on ourselves and just make love when we want to (that's C's plan anyway - I'm keeping a careful track and am going to make sure we want to a lot this week!). C's away tonight and tomorrow night, I'm not too fussed as him being away for a while as we'll be together for the rest of the week - and we're away Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in the Lake District. I'm sure we'll have lots of chances to be in the mood. I made a huge mistake and read the last chapter of my guide to a vegetarian pregnancy book last night - lots of stuff on the birth. I think I'll not read any more on that till its too late to change my mind. It's all far too daunting. The one complaint I do have is that everything I read (including my veggie book) is about the American way of doing things, I'm aware things are different over here, I've just got no idea how. Hopefully my doctor will be able to fill me in on some of this stuff - or at least recommend a UK based book to read.