This is a place for me to record my thoughts on things as they happen. I aim to write a new entry every weekday. This probably wont happen though.


Working lots

Work's been busy this week. I'm going to one of our southern offices tomorrow so I've been trying to fit a weeks worth of work into three days, and not really succeeding. I'm not really looking forward to it, we're setting off tomorrow morning at 6.00 driving for about 4 hours and then doing a full day at work, not fun. I'm not sure what time we'll get back on Friday so I'm half planning to stay at Mum and Dads again that night. Which means three nights away from C. He's away for two of them as well so it's not too bad - had to arrange bunny sitters though! They were planning to send me away on a training course next week as well. I've managed to put that off for a couple of weeks though as we're going to the Lake District for C's birthday. Hopefully setting of Thursday night. Also after speaking to Kristin next week's the best time to start trying - from Tuesday onwards. I'm really pleased I've got her to ask about this stuff because I don't have a clue, I have read some stuff... but not made much sense of it! We're hoping to conceive in the Lakes, although we're definitely not naming our child after where it was conceived. One of the places we're hoping to visit is Boot - and that would just be mean! I will keep a look out for suitable names though, something a little nicer than that.


ugh, I want to go back on the pill

I'm suffering the worst PMS, just feel like I've been sucked into a black hole. Close to tears all the time and just feel terrible. I really can't wait for my period to start. I've been eating chocolate raisins all morning in the hope that chocolate will help, it hasn't and now I've run out. I am playing squash at lunch time though - which may help get something going. C's away (of course) and last night he rang to tell me he'd made a slight detour and was stopping at one of my favourite places in the world - which didn't help! Was almost crying when I got off the phone with him. Works a pain, I'm struggling with something at the moment and the stress of that isn't making this any easier. I just need a hug, and I'm not seeing anyone who'll be able to give me one till Saturday morning at the earliest. Anyway, whinge over. I need to find something to write about other than the fact I'm upset that C isn't here! What can I write about?


The Breast Cancer Site : Fund Mammograms for Free

I normally wouldn't pass this sort of thing on, but it takes so little time and it's for such a good cause I can't help but. "The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "donating a mammogram" for free (pink window in the middle). The Breast Cancer Site : Fund Mammograms for Free"


First Anniversary

We didn't do much on the day of our first anniversary (Sunday), our house warming was the day before so we had lots of cleaning up to do. The weather was fantastic both days so the BBQ went really well - partying well into the night! Luckily our neighbours both sides came to the party. I'm not sure if it feels like a year since we got married, in some ways it seems longer. We've moved now, C's business has taken off so he's away a lot. Things have changed, mostly in a good way! I still love C as much now as I did when we got married, in fact things are better than the months before the wedding - but I'm putting that down to stress. He's still the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. We enjoy mostly the same things, nights out with friends or nights in with DVD's, walking, climbing hills, The Lake District (a big love for both of us!). We have separate interests as well; I'll never be as big a music snob as he is and he'll never want to get involved in scrap booking. But I think that adds to the relationship, it's nice to have things separate from each other - some time to enjoy things alone. He gives me everything I want. I'm completely spoilt. Which is good, and bad at the same time I guess. He didn't want to move, but did it for me, he bought me an iPod, helped me buy my Camera, allowed me to have Rabbits, and the biggest one, he's agreed to try for a baby. I think he needs to draw a line in the sand somewhere - otherwise I'll not stop wanting more stuff!


London one week on

Our company has just taken part in the two minute silence. I always feel emotional during these times but seeing the images of Kingscross, Edgware, and London at a standstill. Silent and respectful... it's all too much.


Me at the beach

Image hosted by

This is a photo from Monday of me wading in the sea. I like this picture as you can't see my face!


We’re not Afraid!

An answer to the bombings on Thursday. This to me is completely the British spirit in action: We’re not Afraid!

Wonderful Weekend

We had the most perfect weekend. The wedding on Saturday was wonderful - very, very informal though. The ceremony itself lasted less than 20 minutes! I didn't know you could get married that quickly. We spoke to them afterwards and they said the ceremony itself wasn't the main thing - it was the party afterwards that counted. Also the room was small and very hot - any longer and people would have been passing out! The wedding was at a wonderful country hall in Leicestershire. The grounds were large and there was a pond with newts in (which kept my cousins daughter amused for hours!). C and I ended the night arguing (about nothing really) but we made up in the hotel and things were fine the next day. On Sunday we went for a walk near a local canal and saw lots of boats and dragonflies. It was far too warm to walk far so we stopped in a local pub to freshen up before heading home. It was my Birthday yesterday, I'd booked the day off work and managed to persuade C to re-arrange a meeting to be with me. We had a fantastic day, the morning we spent in town doing boring things like paying money into banks and setting up a new business account (for C's business). In the afternoon we went to, which was beautiful. I've never been before and always wanted to go. We took the car down to almost the tip and just had a little walk round, next time I think we'll park at the top and walk all the way round. I've got some lovely photo's to upload when I get time, not for a while. Feeling a bit low today, think it's back to work blues - hopefully they'll go tomorrow! Although C is away again this week, Weds and Thurs nights. Not as bad as last week but not exactly ideal!


The weekend

Is finally here, thank goodness. Only 20 minutes more at work and we're free. We're going to a family wedding tomorrow so we're travelling down tonight. C is meeting us at Grandma and Grandads and we're going from there in the morning (they're dog sitting for the weekend - other side of the family!). I'm really looking forward to the wedding, It'll be good to see all the family again, and weddings are always fun. I've got Monday off work as it's my Birthday - I refuse to work on my Birthday. Everyone says that'll wear off soon! Hopefully C will have the day off as well so we can go out and about, I'm not too sure where I fancy going yet though. I might make him take me shopping (fate worse than death surely!). He's working away again next week (weds to fri) and probably the week after (wed - fri again). I'm pleased he's working but I worry about him being away. Especially with what happened in London yesterday. He seems to go to mainly out of the way places though - not any major targets. In other news, I found a wonderful site today with bad baby names on (that's bad names, not names for bad babies!). I've spent a while looking through and laughing (the comments really make it). Unfortunately one of the names I like was on there, C didn't like it though so it probably wouldn't have made it to final negotiations.



BBC NEWS | UK The shock that I've felt about this is unbelievable. I've been close to tears several times today. And yet no-one I know personally is involved in the tragedy. All the people I know in London today have been accounted for and weren't near the areas. The news just keeps coming and coming. Tony Blair has had to leave the G8 summit to come to London. He gave another fantastic speech from Gleneagles (something he's always been good at). It's just unbelievable. There are no words.


Feeling blue

I'm not sure why but this time C being away has really affected me. Normally I get on ok without him, but last night I was holding back tears speaking to him on the phone, he didn't notice luckily as I'd hate for him to feel bad for leaving me. I don't know if it's because he's away longer this time, not back till Friday night, or if it's beacuse we didn't spend long together last weekend. With the wedding this weekend we'll not get long together then either! We're staying at Grandma's on Friday night, so no time to be together and talk then. The wedding wont finish till late on Saturday night, so family all around us all day. And then Sunday we'll be spending with Mum and Dad as well. My birthday is on Monday and I've taken the day off work, unfortunately C has a meeting miles away... all in all I'm missing him a lot! Things will get better though, and I'm so happy that he's busy. Last year wasn't easy with him not working much. Now he's got work (and the money that goes with it) it's fantastic.



I've had an ok weekend, but I've been incredibly moody. I don't know if it's just me being crabby or an effect of not taking the pill. I was supposed to start on Friday. C's away again this week... he left this morning at 5. That's probably got something to do with it too. We spent all weekend at the tower with everyone as it was the civic society open weekend. Which meant I didn't get to spend any time with him just the two of us. We stupidly arranged to go to Mum and Dad's on Saturday night (which was great - but it would have been much better to spend it alone). I'm feeling a bit happier now - apart from having to go home to an empty house of course! I'm planning to re-design this blog as the grey is beginning to get me down, I think a nice sunny colour might help my mood - you never know! I've ordered the veggie pregnancy book and also a book written for men whose partners are pregnant - for C obviously. We're still on track for trying next month and I've started taking the vitamins (which are HUGE), given up caffeine and reduced my alcohol consumption (which was never big anyway). I'm also trying to steer clear of secondary smoke - which I've always hated but now have an excuse. Not that we've told anyone else that we're going to start trying - so far me, C and any number of internet strangers are the only people who know!


I'm starting to dislike my car

Yesterday when driving back to work from lunch my car turned off while I was driving it... again. The last time was 2 months ago, almost to the day I think. I had to pay to get it towed to my garage (£23 - not too much but it's the principal of the thing!) and get a lift home from work. Luckily one of the guys I car share with decided to come in alone yesterday so we could get a lift home. Normally there would have been three of us stranded 20 miles from home. So the car's in the garage and I'm waiting for a call to see how much it's going to cost me this time. It'd be nice if it was the same problem so they'd fix it under warrantee but I can pretty much guarantee that it's not. It'll end up costing around £400... that's just an Emma estimate - I've not heard from them yet! I'm going to look at new cars on Saturday - my Grandad has offered to help me buy one, and this time there's no more excuses. In other news Holly seems to be feeling much better, she had a run around last night. Which is fantastic considering she could only shuffle on Wednesday night. Fingers crossed it'll not happen again! Also today is the first day of my cycle - I think. Which means I'll start taking the vitamins tonight... hopefully I'll be able to track this one and work out the best time to try for a baby next month!