This is a place for me to record my thoughts on things as they happen. I aim to write a new entry every weekday. This probably wont happen though.


More bad news

Holly's ill. Very ill. I'm at home on my own, Chris is working so I can't contact him... so I thought I'd blog in the hope that telling someone my troubles will make them go away. Don't think that works with poorly rabbits though. She seems to be having trouble walking the whole time I was in there she didn't move at all - normally she'd run away from me. Or if she was feeling friendly come up to see if I had any food. She let me pick her up and her whole rear end was covered in droppings, which means she's not cleaning herself. I don't know what to do. I've googled the local vet, if she's still with us in the morning I'll take time off work and get her there. The trouble is I know how much she hates being handled - so that'll just be more stress for her. I honestly don't think she's going to make it.


Getting scared...

We bought Pregnacare on Sunday, a three month supply. C found the tablets, helped me choose and laughed at me as I was so nervous. These are the only ones suitable for vegetarians, I was considering taking fish oil supplements but these say they're all that are needed. Which is a huge weight off my mind. I've also found a book on Amazon called Your Vegetarian Pregnancy: A Month-by-month Guide to Health and Nutrition which I'm planning to get. I'll probably order it now with the Harry Potter book and get them when it comes out. The revised plan is: start taking tablets after this period (probably Friday), then start trying in August... it's all very exciting. Although I'm very, very nervous!


Bad news

Hazel died on Thursday night. We've no idea why. C's mum says it's something that can happen to pet shop rabbits - apparently they're bred from a Doe too young and generally not given the best start in life. Holly is not taking it well at all. She was always the nervous one but now she runs as soon as we open the door. This morning was the first time she wasn't shaking with fear when I stroked her. We're Hopeful that she'll be ok, but we don't know. We're also thinking about getting some company for her - this time an older rabbit from the RSPCA.


One pill left

C and I had a long talk at the weekend about our future in general and babies in particular. His business is going really well at the moment and it looks like that's set to continue for at least next year (fingers VERY crossed there!). I'm settled in my job, and as I've been here over 4 years now I'm entitled to full maternity leave. We also know they're pretty accommodating about me working from home - and other mothers work part time. So, unless I freak out, we're on the road to start trying for a baby... I'm on the pill at the moment with one pill left to take in this packet. After that, that's it... I'm going to have a month off (July), then a month taking folic acid (August), then we're going to start trying... who knows maybe this time next year we'll have a baby! I'm so scared by this, I know it's been me pushing for it (no pun intended) since before we got married but now the time is nearly here... I'm petrified. So I may very well change my mind before we actually get down to the trying stage... or something may happen in our lives that makes it impossible... or we may not be able to!! There's many a slip twixt cup and lip... and all that.


Wonderful weekend

I forgot how nice it is to spend a weekend doing nothing! C left at 8.30, and as I needed to run him into town I was up early too. The weather was so warm I just didn't want to be inside so I spent most of the day laying out on the lawn reading and watching the bunnies (I bought them a run). It was blissful. I spent most of Sunday doing the same! I'm not sure if I've mentioned about ringing? C and I are both bell ringers at our local church - so quite a bit of our Sunday's are spent with our friends - which is nice. The service starts at 11.00 so we ring from 10.15 to 11 and then go over the road to have breakfast together. We also ring for even song 5.45 - 6.30 and then over the road again for a few drinks. It's great fun, but does mean we spend rather too long in the pub! C and I had a good night on Friday, we didn't get really drunk, and we didn't fight. But everything seems ok now. Maybe we needed the time away from each other! His job in Ireland was postponed so he was home Sunday and last night. He left for Wales first thing this morning. I'll miss him, but it'll make me appreciate him all the more when he's back. (in theory!).



Don't get me started on Aung San Suu Kyi!! BBC NEWS | UK | Free Suu Kyi, Straw urges Burma

Part of something big

In this day and age everyone assumes the press is fair and un-biased and everyone has an equal chance to get their point across. The website liberte de la presse however shows us that this is not always the case. They have recently awarded their own awards to bloggers who are defending their freedom of expression. Something we in the UK and US take for granted... at the moment. Reporters sans frontières - Blog awards 2005 results I read recently in the news about Chinese blogs being blocked by the government, and most worryingly Microsoft Microsoft censors Chinese blogs. Also how Chinese bloggers are being made to get licenses - although I can't find a link to that story. Also in the news today is a story about Mukhtar Mai, an incredible Pakistani woman who was gang raped on the orders of a rural council as a punishment for something her brother did. She's raised vast amounts of money for local projects including schools. Now she is being denied a visa to visit the US and her passport has been taken away. - Pakistani officials are denying this... read the story here. I cannot believe things like this are still being allowed to happen. It makes my blood boil. I am grateful to the internet for allowing us to find this information out - and for living in the UK where the press coverage usually seems to be unbiased and fair. I am aware that there's a lot of stuff going on in the world we will never know about though. I will always be glad I don't live behind the Great Firewall of China.


C's been in a funny mood the last few days. It seems like he's annoyed with me for something but whenever I ask what he says he's fine and there's nothing wrong. It might be true, he may be just tired and crabby. But usually when he gets like this there's something that's the root of it. I'm not sure whether to let him go away feeling like this and hope he comes back in a better mood or goad him into having a fight which will clear the air. Then at least we can make up before he goes and he wont be grumpy while he's away. Usually when he gets like this we end up having a drunken conversation at 2 in the morning... but we haven't got time for that this time. We're not planning on going out tonight and don't have any alcohol in the house. Maybe that's what we need... I might tell him to forget the plans and we can go for a few drinks at our new local pub - which we've not been in yet! Then we can have a drunken talk (or argument) and all will be well before he goes away. It might be a good idea to clear the air before he goes away on a stag weekend... don't know what he'll get up to otherwise!


Some photo's of the house

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- at last!

I've finally got round to uploading some photos. These were all taken by the Estate Agent and are from the brochure. The house is still on their site listed as under offer!

You can view all the pictures at the house on flickr



C just emailed me to let me know he's got some more work lined up next week. He's going to be in Ireland Sunday and Monday nights and then Wales will Thursday. On top of that he's on a Stag night on Saturday. I'm going to miss him loads when he's away. I always do. It starts off me thinking I'll get a chance to get stuff done round the house, photo's sorted and my blog template changed and ends up with me sitting on the sofa eating ice cream and watching rubbish. I don't seem to have any self motivation when he's not here!


Settled in

We had a great weekend with the Rabbits, the hutch is in the garage, which has large windows all the way down one side so it's light during the day. It's "double length" although you could easily fit three small cars in there. We decided that since we haven't bought a run for the lawn yet we'd let the bunnies out to explore the garage, there's nothing sharp on the floor and one end is filled with cardboard boxes - left over from the move. They had a great time exploring and running about. I guess they've never been able to run so far before. We're trying to catch them occasionally and let them go again so they don't learn to avoid us. Hazel is definitely the boldest of the two, she was the one that found out she could jump back into the hutch for some food and then out again. She also doesn't mind being held too much, I was holding and stroking her last night and she almost fell asleep! Holly is a little more cautious, she doesn't like being held at all, although she'll put up with it, she doesn't mind being stroked when she's in the cage and she'll very happily take leaves from us. When we open the cage door now they both crowd round trying to get out! I've got a few good pictures, although most of the ones of Hazel are blurred as she's always moving! I'll try to sort them out tonight or tomorrow and get them posted.



Hazel and Holly. Hazel and Holly We picked them up this morning with a car full of straw, hay, sawdust, food, etc. Hazel is definitely the boldest of the two - for a while we considered calling her Bold. They both are ok with being stroked and don't mind being picked up too much. When we first put them in the hutch they hid whenever we came near them, but after we put a handful of grass and dandelion leaves in they come too see if we've got any more treats!



I've finally signed up for BlogRolling. It's a really easy way to include links to all your favourite sites without having to delve into html. I can use html but I see the sense in having something I can update quickly. All you need to do is sign up, add links and insert some code into your blog template. I'd recommend it to a friend ;o). Hopefully it'll help me keep my links up-to date, there are already a few people I read that haven't made it to the list. I'll try to fix this next week sometime.

Lots of names to consider!

Thanks guys, all of those are really good suggestions and have certainly got me thinking. I really love Harvey as a name for a Rabbit, but unfortunately it's my maiden name, so that could be weird - for my parents and grandparents when they visit! I hadn't even thought of Watership Down names. There are some really good ones, I particularly like Hazel and Holly, both of which would be good for boy or girl. Fiver and Pipkin are pretty nice too - and a bit more recognisable as Watership Down names. Nicole - Hi, I've just visited your site and can't seem to find an email to say hi personally, I'll take another look later. I like the Beatrix Potter names, specially as she comes from The Lake District which is my very favourite place in the UK, actually maybe Beatrix and Potter would be good names! I also like the seven dwarves names as that means I'll have to get to know their personalities before I name them. I've got some really good suggestions from here... I'll post a pic and let you know which I went with on Monday!



I've never been good at picking names for my pets. My first pet, a goldfish, was imaginatively called Goldy". I think I had several Goldies and even a Silver before my parents thought I was ready to take responsibility for a larger pet. We started off with a Rabbit and a Guinea Pig. I wanted to call the rabbit Powder Puff, which they weren't happy about. But at the pet shop the only ones they had were black, so that was definitely off. He ended up being called Dandy, after the Dandelions he loved to eat. The Guinea Pig was called Ginger, you can imagine what colour he was! When I was 13 we got a dog, I was told to make a list of names before she arrived so we would have a pick of at least some good ones. She ended up being called Kesty, for no particular reason, I guess she was lucky to miss Blacky :o). My last pet was a Hamster, she was unnamed for several days as C and I couldn't think of anything to call her, in the end we settled on Stupid, because she was. Everyone loved the name and joked that our kids would be called Noisy" and Smelly I said they'd be lucky if they got called anything other than Baby! Now I've got two Rabbits coming on Saturday and I really can't think of any names, I'm not sure I want matching names, although Dum and Dee might be cool. I don't know whether they're boys or girls yet, so I need to pick four names for them! Again C's said I've got to pick the names before I get them - otherwise they'll end up being called "bunny", both of them. Has anyone got any suggestions? I'm really stuck here. All I can think of is Bugs, and that just seems a bit of a cop-out really!


I sometimes feel like my fingers have auto-complete when I'm typing. I'll start typing one word and when I look I've typed something completely different. Just writing that I put "types" instead of "typed" - it seems to be words I use most often take precedence. In an email I've just sent I wrote "client" instead of "clicked" and "ming" instead of "mind". Is this normal of am I completely mad! There are hundreds of other examples I just can't think of any at the moment.



I just went to the rest rooms at work and there was a girl in there (our receptionist) re-doing her makeup before she went home. I've seen her in there quite often, at several different times of the day. I can't understand makeup, I've never really worn it. If we're going out for an extra special night out I'll put on some powder, possibly eye shadow and some clear lipstick; other than that I wear nothing. I've not worn makeup since well before we moved, in fact I don't know where it is. I once travelled on a train from London to my home city - about a two hour train journey. Across the way from me there was a young girl and twice during the trip she completely re-applied her makeup - she didn't even leave her seat and there were no men around to impress so I've no idea why. I wonder why makeup is such a big thing for women, and why most men feel they don't have to wear it. I work in a male dominated environment, when I was at college and university I was one of very, very few girls there (none in college and one in uni), I wonder if this is why I have a more "male" attitude to makeup. My Mum's always been really into makeup, she despairs of me... The lady who did my makeup for the wedding was surprised as well. I don't see why it's so strange.



Our house is no where near finished, we've got a list of jobs a mile long, any free time should be spent improving the house... and yet we spent all Sunday afternoon in the garage making a rabbit hutch. I've wanted to get rabbits since well before we moved in, we nipped into a pet shop on Sunday and there were some gorgeous ones there, trouble was we thought the hutches were far to small for them. So they arrive on Saturday, assuming the hutch is finished! I will definitely be posting pics when they get here. I'm SO excited about it. The hutch is huge though! I'm so impressed with C, I wouldn't have a clue how to build one but he just did it! It's even got a nice snug room for their bedroom, I sometimes think he's soppier than me! Click here for some similar bunnies


A little bit of Friday Fun

There seems to be a lot of heavy stuff going on in the blog-o-sphere at the moment so I thought I'd link to this. It's a bit, un-work safe, but very funny, juvenile fun! B3TA : FEATURES : PHALLIC LOGO AWARDS


America scares me

I read Cecily's blog today. It's something everyone in the world should read... the documents she links to are the reason so many people hate America. I was horrified by this document, it genuinely scares me. I believe that if the internet was around in it's current state when Hitler was in power these are the sort of reviews he would be getting (although this document wouldn't be allowed to be published at that time - at least freedom of the press is still there). They talk about "death penalty for a host of “moral crimes,” including apostasy, blasphemy, sodomy, and witchcraft." which I'm pretty sure sum up his whole philosophy. It's a very short step from saying that to saying anyone who doesn't believe their version of Christianity is a "blasphemer" and should be killed. Who is right to say what's moral? Who can judge that?! I cannot believe that these people are allowed to go on public television and preach their hatred. Another comment that stuck out to me was "Wright promises the audience that as the new president of NRB he will fight to block the passage of hate-crime legislation, something many Christian broadcasters fear might be used to halt their attacks on gays and lesbians". To me that looks like they know what they're doing is wrong and hateful, and still want to do it! This version of Christianity and Jesus just doesn't fit in with anything I've read or been taught - or feel. This is old testament stuff, and very much goes against Jesus' teaching of Love yourself and Love each other. I can genuinely say I never want to visit a country whose leaders have these views. Just as I wouldn't have wanted to visit Afghanistan under the Taliban. (While saying this I realise there are many, many Christian Americans and un-Christian Americans who do not share these views, and they're ok with me :o) )



I was looking at my list of links and thinking about putting them into categories. To begin with I thought Parents, Pregnant, Infertile and Others would be a good way to break the list up. Then when I actually started going through it I just couldn't. No one on the list blogs exclusively about one thing (possibly with the exception of Dot Moms!). Kristin for example, is a mother of two, is pregnant and has dealt with infertility, and she also blogs about other stuff as well. I'd really hate to pigeon hole anyone. There are also several women out there with very early pregnancies, I'd hate to put them into "pregnant" and them lose it, I'd feel like it was my fault for jumping the gun... So to keep the evil eye off everyone involved the long list stays - and hopefully gets added to soon! Now I have broadband at home there's nothing stopping me following links to my hearts content.