This is a place for me to record my thoughts on things as they happen. I aim to write a new entry every weekday. This probably wont happen though.


Long time without updates!

I was away from work on Thursday and Friday last week. I woke up Thursday morning and just couldn't summon the energy to get out of bed. I couldn't face work so I called in sick and pretty much stayed in bed. Although I did manage to get downstairs for a little day-time tv. My Mum thinks I've worn myself out with stress about the move and then working on the house when I get home from work. She's probably right - although the dieting I've been trying to do recently probably haven't helped either. I've decided to continue going to the gym twice a week but eat a little more sensibly during the day. I'm burning up enough energy to eat properly. I managed to get some rest over the weekend, although most of yesterday was spent either stripping wallpaper, scrubbing walls, weeding or mowing the lawn. I think we're getting somewhere with the garden - it just needs the lawn to be a little less... brown.


The baby conversation

C and I had the baby conversation again last night. About when's the right time to start trying for a baby. I want to start trying in September this year, then if we do get lucky the baby will be a spring or summer baby - which I'd prefer. He still thinks we should get further on with the house - at least get the extension done so we wont have as many boxes - the room that will be the nursery is stacked full of boxes of books and videos at the moment! I see the sense in this, but I'm nearing the end of my last packet of pills, and I've really been putting off getting anymore. I suppose seeing the doctor would be a good excuse to talk about pregnancy, any considerations I'd need and what the facilities are like in the city I live in.


Family help

We're getting on fairly well with the house now. The fireplace is almost to a stage where we can point it (something C insists is easy although I'm not so sure!). The hall is stripped to where I can reach - so this week I'm going to have to stand on something and do the rest. It's a bank holiday Monday for us next week, unfortunately we wont be able to do much as Saturday and Sunday are booked up, however my parents have volunteered to come on the Monday and help us decorate the hall. I've a lot of work to do before we get to that stage though. All that I've stripped needs to be washed down to get rid of bits of glue that are left on. I think we're going to have to put lining paper up before we can paint as well - which will be a huge job in the hallway. It will be nice to get one room done though. Then I'll feel like we're getting somewhere. The garden is still a bit of a disaster zone, my tubs are sprouting and I've bought a few more plants in containers so that's good. However we decided to put some feed and weed killer on the lawn... now it's mostly black - turns out it was more weeds than lawn! We've got some restorer which should re-seed it. trouble is we've got to get all the black out first. It's all good fun though, and making sure we go to bed tired at the end of the day!



What did we do before magazines? Since we've moved I've bought or been given so many house and home or garden magazines I just don't know what to do with them all. I need to start picking a theme for the house - or individual rooms and I'm not entirely sure where to start. I'm pretty sure what I want in the kitchen, but as for the rest of the house?! My mum's suggested creating a scrapbook of designs and colours I like, with a page or two for each room. I like the idea but I'm not that comfortable cutting up magazines, in the end I guess I'll have to go for it... we're getting nowhere fast at the moment!


3 years

My wonderful husband and I have been together for 3 years as of yesterday. It seems like a lot longer, but in a good way. We met at church, which is strange as I'm not a church goer. I'd just moved into a new flat, I decided to visit the local church to pray for an uncle who was very ill at the time. After the service everyone gathered for cups of tea (very Church of England!). The person who sat next to me at church introduced me to C, I didn't know anyone there and everyone was really kind. C started talking to me about this thing called "bell ringing" I'd never heard, or thought about it before. He told me that they were currently re-hanging the bells at the church, the reason he was at the service was to give the vicar an update. He took me up the tower (something I still joke about today) and showed me everything, he tried to persuade me to come along to the other church they rang at and give it a go. I said not this week, but I promised to think about it and attend church the following week. At the time I was seeing someone who wasn't right for me, at all. Looking back he was emotionally abusing me and sending me a little crazy. He was my first love, which meant I was very, very naive when coping with him. We now think he may be a very confused gay man, or maybe he's just a complete bastard. Anyway I went to church the next week, agreed to try ringing - a huge thing for me as I was hugely shy and it meant introducing myself to a huge group of people and putting myself into a situation where I could have made a complete fool of myself! Everything went well and C taught me to ring, it takes a long time, months, to do it properly. A few weeks after I'd started ringing we were talking in the pub and realised that he worked with one of my friends, we exchanged email addresses and said we'd try to wind her up a little as she was coming to my house the following day. He emailed me a few jokes the next day but we didn't really talk, somehow he'd got hold of my mobile number (I think all the ringers were planning to go out at the weekend and he was arranging it). Anyway after K, my friend, had left I got ready for bed, then he texted asking how the evening had gone, saying he was just about to start walking home. I said I'd not been drinking and would give him a lift if he wanted - he lived miles out of town. I think I must have wanted to see him. Anyway he said he'd come over so I quickly got dressed again! We talked for hours on the sofa, nearly touching but not quite. Then, somehow, he started playing with my hand while we talked. Applying pressure, squeezing and stroking it. Which ended up with us kissing, it was the most amazing night of my life. Truly. For many reasons I didn't want to sleep with him that night, so we compromised and he kept his trousers on :o) The next morning we were both so tired, but it was a Thursday so we had to get up early, he had to make his way home and I had to attempt to stay awake at work all day! I didn't see him until the following Sunday, although we emailed a lot during that time - emails I still have and occasionally read through. I broke up with my boyfriend, P, once I'd managed to pin him down and actually see him (things were bad). And we've been together ever since. He's the most amazing man in the world, I honestly can't imagine what my life would be like without him. Everyone likes him as he has a wonderful ability to talk to anyone - which is strange to someone as shy as me! I've decided to attach part of an email that took my breath away, this was just before I'd finished with P. I've edited it a little to remove incriminating info :o) "Find you great company, great to talk to, funny, sexy, totally gorgeous, amorous, and individualistic. I certainly don't think that you are crazy or unreasonable, but it is easy to be confused in your mind, especially if someone is playing mind games with you which is what is appears P is doing. For my part I would adore to be able to spend lots of time with you, explore your world, introduce you to mine (scary), curl up on the sofa watching a film with a bottle of wine, kiss you till you go breathless, hug you, walking down the river front, driving to the lakes, walking on the beach, going to the pub, visiting friends, going to the theatre, going to parties (yeah!), basically being with you. You've not dragged me into anything that I wasn't aware of, you have been totally honest with me which is great. Big, big hugs C" You can see why I love him so much can't you!


Entertainer Extraordinaire

I had a wonderful weekend. The BBQ went very well - it ended up with only six people coming which was much more manageable. I learnt lots - not too much veggie stuff, no quiche and lots of radishes in the salad. Important stuff to remember for the housewarming! The weather was a lot cooler by the time we got home from the shops so we decided to have the BBQ in the garage, which was great fun. We'd got coal from the shops but no firelighters or lighter fluid... another thing to remember! The BBQ wouldn't light at all. At one point there were two of us wafting with torn up cardboard boxes (we've got loads of them!) while C attempted to get it going with a blowtorch... that's right we couldn't light a fire with a blowtorch! I was nearly crying I was laughing that hard. Eventually S went to the shops at the end of the street for some lighter fluid and we got it going. Being a veggie I had a separate BBQ, one of the disposable ones. It started with one match with no fuss at all, although they didn't light it till the main one was well under way so I didn't get to eat till pretty late. After we'd eaten far too much we sat in the garage enjoying the heat from the two glowing fires, wonderful. Then someone noticed we had a fire extinguisher in there, it came with the house and we were pretty sure it wouldn't work... It seemed like a good idea at the time. Actually it didn't to me but everyone else thought it'd be great! They aimed, pushed the button... and nothing. J threw it on the floor where it suddenly burst into life spraying round the room (not cleared away at all with food and drinks out!). It hit me on the forehead, soaked my dog and got our neighbour on the legs before we got it under control and aimed it at the fire, which blew all the ash up into the air before settling over everyone and thing. The whole garage looked like a volcano had erupted! It was so funny (when we'd got dried off!). We moved inside to warm up for a bit but it wasn't a late night. I loved it, it's so nice to be able to entertain at our house. I'm so used to saying "sorry not enough room" to everyone - now there's no excuse! Really looking forward to the house warming. We've decided on 16th July, it'll give us plenty of time to get the house in a bit better shape + it's the day before our 1st wedding anniversary. We're going for an all day BBQ, so we'll need lots and lots of beer and charcoal, and fire lighters.


Me and my iPod

I've got an iPod, after literally years of wanting one. It's an iPod photo and I think it's perfect. Unfortunately with the moving and everything I've not had much of a chance to fill it with songs and photos. I put four of my own CDs on it the first night we got time to take a look at it and then Dad gave me about 80 more Cs worth - which is fantastic as there's loads of stuff on it I've not heard before but a lot of it hasn't got Band, Album or Song names - so impossible to find again; I need to try to get those this weekend. Last week I got a car charger, cassette adapter and case for it. So far I've not used much beyond the shuffle songs (which makes me wonder if I wouldn't have been better with the iPod shuffle!). However once I've got lots of my CDs in there with all the info I'll start using playlists and genre's a lot more. Hopefully I'll get a chance to put some photo's and more CDs on there tomorrow!


Some friends of ours invited us to a BBQ tonight, however we're looking after my parents dog for the weekend. We thought about it and decided that the best thing to do would be invite them to ours. After all a BBQ for four people = not that big a deal. Then we found out one of their friends was over for the weekend was staying so +1. We live next door to another of our good friends, we couldn't have a party without inviting them really so +2, they've got a house guest at the moment +1... So a nice gesture on the part of our friends to entertain us and feed us cocktails all evening has turned into us hosting a party for eight, and a dog. Also they're coming round at 7.30, I get home from work at 6.20... we have no food, no BBQ, no alcohol, no seats, and not much room in the house. C (bless him) thinks this isn't a problem. I've asked everyone to bring some food with them, and borrowed a BBQ from S and J and some seats from our neighbours. We still need to go shopping though, quick change as soon as I get home and then to our local supermarket - thankfully only a short drive away! It looks like we're having an impromptu house warming party! Wish me luck!


Relaxing Evening

I got some of the jobs done. C had made us a wonderful tea of steamed veg and pasta, he's fantastic. After tea he washed the dishes - so that was one off the list! We had a great evening outside, we took turns at the lawn, got the strawberries and seeds in the containers and tidied up the garage a little. It gets dark at about nine here at the moment so when the sun had gone down it was about time to go indoors and get a lovely hot shower, early night but not early to sleep... All in all I'm feeling very relaxed and content. A little tired though still - I'll have to make sure I get a proper early night tonight! I'd like to find some time on the computer though. I've not been on it for well over a week, probably nearer two. My camera is full of pictures of the flat and from the move that need to go on the computer, I'd like to re-design my blog a bit too - need more room. Then I can upload some photo's of the new house and garden.


Grumpy, tired me

I'm so grouchy at the moment. Everyone at work is keeping out my way, and C's getting worried. I'm pretty sure it's lack of sleep, tonight's our first night in this week so I'm hoping to do a few jobs round the home and then go straight to bed. The few jobs are: clean the bathroom, measure all windows for curtains, mow the lawn, help C fit the burglar alarm box outside the house, move more boxes from the front room upstairs, plant my strawberries, sow more seeds, remove a few more stubborn bricks from the fireplace and wash the dishes. So I'll be lucky to be in bed much before 11. It's all good though, and I'm very much looking forward to a lie in on Saturday! C and I do a hobby that takes up an awful lot of our time. We're bell ringers. Which involves practising one night per week per tower (unfortunately we have two local towers so that's Monday and Tuesday's tied up), helping out at other towers practice nights (most Thursdays), Sunday mornings and evenings (10.15 and 5.45) and monthly meetings (second Saturday in the month - all afternoon and evening). It's very rewarding but very, very time consuming. C is the ringing master (in charge) and I'm one of the assistants - so if he's away I'm in charge. The other assistant hasn't been for months now so it really falls to us to keep it going. It really is good fun though, and we have so many friends from it of all age ranges and walks of life - I don't know of any other activity which such a broad range of people can enjoy. Anyway, that's why tonight is such a busy night, I've had no chance earlier in the week and I need to get it all done before tomorrow night!


It's like I've never been away

My second day back and I can't remember what it was like to be away. Work's ok, but I miss being at home with C all day, it was hard work but it was nice to be together. I think most of our holidays for a while will be spent at the house though! The move went ok, C picked the van up at 8.30 and my parents and a friend arrived before he got back to help move things downstairs - lucky we had a lift as it's a fourth floor flat! We had some moments of stress, when the van was half full we called the Estate Agent to arrange picking up the house keys, which is when we found out that we couldn't have the keys until the monies had gone through - which could take till 2.00! We were supposed to have the flat empty by 1.00, and there was at least two van loads to go. C got very stressed... But we managed to call the solicitor and get it sorted so we could get the keys by 11. We were waiting outside the house for a while - well next door having a cup of tea! We emptied the van as quickly as possible and got back to the flat and Mum and Dad. I was pretty tearful when it came to leaving the flat, C was upset as well but as it was so stressful we didn't really have time to get to upset. When we got back to the house there were two more friends ready to help us. It was good fun, and the day ended well with a Take-away Chinese at the neighbours. The rest of last week was busy, lots of trips to our local DIY superstore, lots of moving boxes and hitting bricks. We've been aching and sore since we got there!


Back to work, for a rest!

I'm back at work now after a very stressful week. I've discovered that I don't like moving, at all, C agrees with me on that one and it'll be a long time before we do it again! The house is great and we're sort of settled in. The house is a typical English city design with a hall, front living room and back living/dining room downstairs with a kitchen as an extension on the back. Upstairs there's the bathroom and three bedrooms (the smallest about 6' long - not really big enough for a bed). The backroom downstairs had a horrific 70's fireplace in it, which we'd already decided to take out as we knew there was a nice brick hearth behind it. In a moment of complete madness we thought it would be a good idea to remove the fireplace last week - it made sense at the time as we didn't want to unpack the books only to have to move them later. So the back room is a building site, with rubble and dust everywhere, the front room and other bedrooms are filled with boxes. The kitchen's not too bad, although we don't have a cooker... the bathroom and our bedroom are ok though. So we're not doing too badly! Hopefully the backroom will be finished this weekend, then we can start making it a home! I'm planning to put some photo's of the house - and demolition up. But I've not unpacked the computer yet so I cant! I've been taking lots of the work in progress. I've had no computer access for a week and it's been driving me crazy, I'm slowly catching up with all the blogs, the strangest thing is I missed them all!


Two more sleeps!

The time's nearly here, mostly packed up and ready... Just a few bits of furniture and essentials to pack and we're done. I was planning to have Friday off to finish up as Mum was coming and C said he'd be home early on Friday morning. However on the way to work Thursday morning my car stopped working. Literally, I was driving along the dual carridgeway and the engine switched off - very scary! Luckily I managed to get pulled into the side of the road safely and there was space to get the car off the road. I have recovery cover so I called them to arrange to be picked up, then work to tell them I wouldn't be in. They let me take Thurs and Friday as a holiday which meant I got lots of packing and cleaning done during the day - once I'd stopped shaking! The car cost £125 to fix, which I certainly could have done without at the moment. I'm going to start looking at replacing it, don't trust it anymore. Mum was fantastic on Thursday night which meant there wasn't much to do Friday - so we went shopping while C cleared away the office. We didn't really do too much yesterday - got to the stage where we need things out the way before we can do anything else. So we spent the day enjoying the town and wandering round - I've picked out a mirror to start the colour scheme in the living room. Yesterday night we had a mini pub-crawl round our favourite pubs while we could enjoy walking home - rather than worrying about taxi's. I'm really going to miss this place, I've been a bit tearful in the last few days - although I put that partly down to the shock of the car stopping! I am definitely looking forward to moving and getting more space though. Next time you hear from me I'll have a house with a garden!