This is a place for me to record my thoughts on things as they happen. I aim to write a new entry every weekday. This probably wont happen though.


So Little Time!!!

I'm getting more and more stressed with the moving, I don't seem to have made a dint on it yet! I cleaned the bathroom last night, the sink, toilet and floor need doing but that's probably a job for nearer the day. My wonderful Mum is coming home with me tomorrow night to help clean and pack, she's staying Friday while I go to work as well! The plan for tonight is I'll pack up all the none essential kitchen things up so that Mum and I can clean it tomorrow night. Then hopefully she'll not have too much to do. I feel really guilty but I can't do this on my own! What's stressing me even more is that C still hasn't booked the van... it's less than a week now. If we can't get a van I don't know what we'll do! I'm trying to keep calm though, I've started making lists. Which for me is a way to relax... lists of people who can help us, lists of things we need to do before we move, lists of people to inform after we move, lists of what to pack. Everything will be fine... repeat, Everything will be fine.


Alphabet Meme

I usually don't go for Meme's - except the Friday Five thing. Which I'm going to stop and it's turning into a Monday Five, and that's just not right! Anyway, I read on someones' blog an Alphabet Meme. You put each letter of the alphabet into your browser and find the first blog that comes up for it. I thought that was pretty interesting and wondered who I'd find. So here goes! A: - Julie B: - John C: - grrl D: - Heather E: - Arwen/Elizabeth F: No blog, is nice though. G: No blog, I do use a lot. H: - Danae I: J: - Julia K: - Kathryn Jane L: M: - Meg N: O: No blog, I read a comic at P: Q: Nothing came up at all! R: - Dot Moms S: - Sarah T: - Tertia U: V: W: - Kris X: All I got for this was the currency converter at Y: I've got nothing, surely I look at sites beginning with Y... Z: - Cecily I should mention that I use Firefox, I don't know if that's different to ie or other browsers but it lists things by most visited not alphabetically. So these are my most visited blogs for each letter, I tend to visit more than just the one per letter though, so if you're not on there I'm sorry... specially you Nita!


The Friday Five

I know, late again. It's tricky living in the UK though, the list is usually updated Friday afternoons... in the US - so when I've left for the day! 1. What is the first record/tape/CD that you bought? This is a quite painful one... I'm not entirely sure but I think it's Bananarama. 2. Who is your favourite all time band/singer? I don't have one. I listen to different things depending on what mood I'm in. 3. What have you been listening to lately? At the moment in my car is Who Killed The Zutons and Modest Mouse. I'm also enjoying a compilation CD a friend gave me - lot's of smooth laid back stuff, perfect for a Monday morning! 4. What is your favourite radio station, what do they play, and where do they broadcast? I listen to two stations, BBC Radio 1 for music and funnies in the morning on my way into work, lunch time and some drive's home. Most of the time I listed to BBC Radio 4 for news and some fantastic comedies, that's what wakes me up in the morning. 5. Can you recommend a good song or CD that everyone should listen to? I think at the moment I'd recommend Modest Mouse to people, but that's because not many of my friends have heard of them. They're not huge in the UK but the CD is definitely worth listening to.

It's Getting Closer!

We had a minor scare last week when our solicitor told us the buyers solicitor had requested something from the planning office (which we had to pay for!), and then again when she told us that we wouldn't be moving on the 3rd as we'd planned. I (being a true pessimist) decided that was it and everything was falling through, C's a bit more optimistic and carried on packing! She rang again today - as she'd promised, and told us that she'd try her very hardest to keep the 3rd as our moving day... I've just spoken to her and she's said "Go, Go, Go" - well not really but that's what I heard! So now we're on, fingers crossed (always until we're in there) we'll be moving a week today! Which is very good news as the boxes, lack of books to read and ever growing tomatoes are driving me crazy! C's away all this week, which at first I thought was awful as I'd have to pack everything on my own. Now I think it's quite a good thing as I'll get to pack everything on my own! No distractions, and no-one getting in the way.


Old Friends

Yesterday I met up with an old friend from school, she got married at 17 and now has 3 kids, all lovely little girls, aged 8, 7 and 4. All planned and all with her husband - it's sad that I feel the need to point that out! It was great to catch up with her but I got the feeling we were totally different, she couldn't understand how come I don't have kids already, saying you must be absolutely desperate! (this before she knew that I do want children fairly soon). She then commented that my biological clock must be going crazy, as she wanted another child now. We're 25!! I know she's happy with her life but I did think it was strange she couldn't understand my life choices at all. I guess she doesn't see many people without kids so the thought of a woman having a career into her *gasp* mid-twenties before having children was totally foreign. After that we got onto the subject of my career after I have kids, which I hope will be similar to my career now (I know, I know...). She was shocked by the thought of a mother working full time, or just having one day off to be with her child (which is what I hope to do). I think it's sad that she couldn't understand my choices - but then I can't really understand hers either! I'm sure we'll stay in touch, but I don't think we'll be close friends again - unless things change when I have my children!



After blogging on Friday that I don't get many colds anymore I'm now suffering with a cold, seems about right. I had a great weekend, Mum and I went shopping on Saturday to a fantastic craft shop. She makes her own cards and I scrapbook so it was good to look at the new things and stock up. DH and Dad went for a long walk - the shop's in a lovely part of the country so they enjoyed it too. I've bought my first plant for the garden... It's a white Primula Denticulata I've never seen one before and thought it looked beautiful. It's staying at Mum and Dad's until we get moved in. I've still not heard anything more from the solicitor but hoping everything is still progressing for a 3rd May move. I got an email from a friend of mine this morning, she was a bridesmaid at my wedding last year. Her and her partner have finally set the date for their wedding - 4th August next year. I texted my DH to let him know and got the response "wont you be pregnant by then!" :o). Obviously I'm pleased he knows we're trying but I've spent too long on Infertility blogs to take anything for granted. But touch wood I won't be drinking at the wedding!


the friday five

It's Friday again, This weeks Friday Five are all about illness. Not a nice subject! 1. How often do you get sick? Once every few months. I'm a veggie and everyone says I get a lot of colds because I don't eat healthily. But I've not had a cold since I started going to the gym regularly - so that's good! 2. Do you take a lot of over the counter medicine? No, I'll take aspirin or paracetamol for a headache but other medicine's tend to make me feel worse than the illness! I can't take Ibuprofen at all. 3. Have you ever been in the hospital for an extended period of time? No, touch wood! The last time I was in hospital myself was when I was born. 4. Are there any diseases that run in your family? No. I don't think so anyway... a wicked sense of humour perhaps! 5. What is the best remedy for the common cold? Warm bed and lots of drink. Someone to run round after you helps as well!


Boxes, and more boxes

I took home seven boxes on Tuesday, Mum and Dad have been saving them up for us. When I got home they were all full and taped up. We haven't even finished the bookcase yet, then there's another bookcase, three shelves of books... and that's before we start on the CD's, DVD's and video's. I'm worried that there's not enough boxes in the world for all my stuff! I know other people have similar problems, but we live in a one bedroom flat. There shouldn't be room for seven boxes of books! I've picked up some plastic stackable ones to make a start with tonight. I know it's three weeks before moving day but we're so excited. I got a call from the solicitor this afternoon, just as I started to relax and look forward to the move... Apparently our buyers solicitor has requested something from the planning department, they need five copies of something. We've got to pay £5 each for them. I'm not sure what but I desperately hope they don't back out now. Something new to worry about.


Friday Five

I've found another interesting site on the Internet, this following my inability to complete the Photo Friday challenge yet again! This time it's The Friday Five I know it's not Friday, but better late than never! I'll check in on Friday for the next questions. So this week the questions are: 1. What is the one book that you reread over and over again? Anything by Terry Pratchett, I've got all his books and I re-read them regularly. I also re-read my collection of Agatha Christie books a lot. 2. What is your favourite genre? I don't have one really, I enjoy science fiction, but I love modern science books (e.g. by Richard Dawkins), biographies, true stories... I will read anything, even cereal packets. 3. Do you usually buy your books or visit the library? I always buy my books, I don't like the idea of not being able to read them again when I like, I usually read a book at least twice. I don't think I own many books I've only read once. 4. Who is your favourite author? I don't have one. Although Terry Pratchett would be close. 5. What book have you read that you absolutely hated? I haven't... I think I've probably started a few. I bought The Dice Man after a recommendation from a friend, but I didn't like the character at all so I stopped reading it. I'll probably try again one day.

A date

We finally have a date! After waiting for such a long time (well it feels like it!) we will hopefully (fingers crossed) be moving in on Tuesday 3rd May. We're exchanging contracts later this week once the solicitor is satisfied we've got buildings insurance in place, which we sorted out yesterday. The reason we can't complete sooner is that our buyer is still at sea. He works one month on, one month off. DH is away the week before the move which will give me plenty of time to pack all our belongings, then we'll have the weekend together doing the last bits, taking shelves and beds apart etc. Monday we're busy all day (it's a bank holiday for us) then Tuesday we'll pick up a van and pack all my worldly belongings up. It's going to be an early start as he'll be wanting to move in as we leave. Hopefully we'll get a chance to give it a quick clean before he gets there - I know when I moved in I thought they could have at least swept the floors. I'm so excited, I called Mum as soon as we found out and her and Dad have offered to take the week off to help us move. I've said that we'd love the help on Tuesday but should be ok for the rest of the week. Once the flats empty we've got to get DH's stuff from the garage - which will be Wednesday's job hopefully, then it's just a case of settling in, and getting rid of anything we hate about the house (awful carpets, fitted wardrobes, the wallpaper in the hall etc). Which we'll do ourselves. I've picked up a load of boxes from home today so we can make a start at putting books in boxes, the more we do now the less I have to do while DH is away. Three weeks today, I really cannot wait!


Aha, I've taught him something

I've finally remembered something I taught my DH. To ask questions. When we started going out he had the most annoying habit of acting like he knew everything. I've always been brought up that if I don't know what something means I ask. It's a simple concept, I find out and learn something new. However if I was talking about someone and DH didn't know who it was he'd just nod along. I used to laugh at him a lot for it (one of the most effective training techniques!). Now he will, occasionally, ask what someone means if he doesn't know. I'm impressed. Oh I also taught him a lot about programming and database stuff. But he doesn't think so. Now I just need to work on his design skills a little.


Feeling Blue

I don't know why. I seem to be having massive mood swings this week. My DH is away working in Ireland for the rest of this week, and he's going back on Monday night. I miss him like crazy when he's not around, although I do like the space as well. Last night I stayed at Mum and Dads, they live close to where I work so it was very nice this morning getting up half an hour before work started. I still felt blue though. The one thing that's cheered me up today is seeing an old school friend while at the gym. I was in the changing rooms and she came in with her youngest daughter, she has three below the age of 6 - I don't know how she does it! They were chatting while getting ready and it was just lovely listening to them. Unfortunately we didn't get to long to chat as she was there for a swimming lesson and I was going to the gym. I've got her email address though so I'll try to keep in touch with her. One of my friends sent me to a lovely site on the Internet yesterday. They do ultra-modern chicken houses. I've not mentioned this to DH yet, and I can imagine his face when I do, but I would love to have chickens in our garden. I'd love to get up in the morning and have fresh eggs to cook breakfast with. I know it's not a huge space but it really would be my ideal. That and the compost bin and veggie patch. Much cooler than Guinea Pigs - which is what I was thinking of having. The link to the site is Omlet.



So the election date has been confirmed, 5th May and it'll all be over! All the parties will now really begin annoying us in earnest. It seems like we've had a lot of it already, the pre-campaign was a lot longer than the real campaign will be. We've already got Conservative posters up where I live. I'm still not sure who to vote for, but I've found a nice page on the BBC website (which I'm pretty sure is our equivalent to the New York Times site over there - but free) that shows how the main parties stand on Key issues. Issues. Now I just have to decide which issues are most important to me and whose views are most inline with my own... it's a tricky thing to do! Then of course there's tactical voting. The area I live in has been Labour for years. So even if I don't vote for them the chances of my vote making a difference are slim. I think second in my area are the Liberal Democrats - so even if I wanted the Conservatives to win I might be better off voting Lib Dem to get Labour out. I think on the whole I'm just going to pick a party and go for it. Easier all round.


Me and mine

I'd forgotten about this. I meant to post it last week. This is me and my wonderful husband admiring the view while having a rest halfway up Skiddaw in the Lake district. Click for slightly bigger. Click for bigger

Improved Mood

I had a wonderful weekend. Spent the whole time with my wonderful husband and feel fantastic. Strangely this always happens once I've started my period... I get stressed and wound up the week before and once it's actually started it's like a pressure release and I relax and feel happy again. Some months are worse than others - I usually have a bad one every three months or so. It's very odd! We didn't do much at the weekend, the planned bike ride didn't happen as we had to fit a wall heater in the bathroom for a friend on Sunday. Well DH had to fit the heater, I just went along to visit their cat and her four week old kittens, they are just wonderfully cute. I wish I wasn't allergic as I'd love to add a cat to our family once we move into the house. I got a comment from Nita about my last post which made me laugh, she thinks I should stop taking the pill despite what DH says. I'd love to be able to do this but unfortunately I'm too sensible... at the moment. We're just buying a house which needs a lot of work doing to it (mainly decorating), we're hoping to add an extension on which we'll be doing a lot of the work on ourselves. I don't think I'll be able to dig footings while pregnant! We have a plan that we'll start trying once the extension is up and the kitchen, back room and our bedroom is done. Deep down I'm ok with that - it'll motivate me to make sure things get done! He's getting more and more used to the idea (I actually think he's starting to look forward to it) we were looking round an outdoors and camping shop on Sunday and we saw a very large tent, he said "that would be perfect for when we have the kids" - and he was being completely serious! I'm probably reading way to much into it, but anything that makes me happy can only be a good thing!


The weekend's nearly upon us

Thank goodness it's Friday! The afternoon is just dragging by, I really can't wait for 5.30 to come around. We've got no real plans this weekend, which is nice! I'm hoping we can get out on a bike ride tomorrow, the weather here hasn't been great recently but it's looking better. I love riding, we live near a large estuary, which we can bike next too, there's a lot of routes away from roads. Obviously it would be great to get out into the countryside but my car doesn't have a bike rack, living in the centre of a city it's a long ride to anything like countryside. I'm a country girl at heart, I was brought up in a very small village, the nearest town was a twenty minute drive away. Luckily there was a school in the village so for the first ten years of my life that's pretty much all I knew. My own little space. There were woods nearby, grandparents within a bike ride away and a beck filled with little fish to catch. It seems idyllic now but I'm sure at the time my parents were going crazy with the lack of shops, they didn't even have a car! I'd love to give my children a childhood like that, the thought of bringing them up in a city fills me with dread (our new house is on the outskirts), but the house is near to a river and a huge park, and being nearer the edge of town the countryside seems a lot closer. I realise I tend to talk on here a lot about how much I want kids, I guess I do this because I've no-one I can talk about it too in real life. My parents would be horrified by the thought of me having kids so soon after getting married (not a year yet), and DH will put up with a bit but has made it pretty clear he doesn't want to talk about it all the time. I don't have any close girl friends, I have a lot of friends but none I can talk to about this stuff. I'm due on on Sunday, I know that being on the pill it's pretty much impossible to get pregnant. Especially as I'm very particular about doing it at the same time every day and not missing any. But every time I'm always a little disappointed when I start. I guess that's why it's been on my mind so much this week. Back to normal next week I guess.

Friday Photo's

I found a link to the Photo Friday website yesterday. The word last week was "tiny". I didn't have any suitable photo's so I took one last night of my seedlings. Unfortunately when I got in this morning the word had changed... So now I'm going to have to find something "hot". Here are my tomatoes anyway, click for bigger. Tomato Seedlings